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Nestled under the silhouette of Mount Monadnock in the rolling hills of southern New Hampshire, Rosaly’s Garden & Farmstand has been a proud grower of certified organic fruits, vegetables, berries, and herbs for close to 50 years.

We are proud to be the oldest active certified organic farm in the state of New Hampshire!

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The farmstand is overflowing with wonderful things! Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast with a large or small space, we have got you covered. Discover our tried and true collection of summer bedding plants. Plus the farmstand is stocked full of gardening gifts, tools, books, linens, local honey, breads, baked goods and more!

Flower Events

Come learn how to arrange a loose wrap bouquet of flowers or a vase arrangement. This is a unique, wonderful way to gather, celebrate, and enjoy summer’s beauty together!

2024 Flower Shares

Rosaly’s Garden offers a unique way to enjoy fresh, locally grown flowers with our Flower Subscription Shares. Each week you will receive a large, wrapped bundle of fresh flowers to bring home, arrange, and spread throughout your house. Every bouquet is unique and highlights the best blooming flowers in our gardens. 

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About Us

In 1973, Rosaly Bass started her garden and it just kept getting bigger and bigger. In 1989, after many years of selling wholesale to local stores and restaurants, she became the second certified organic farm in New Hampshire. A year later she opened a farmstand with the dream to bring the philosophy of sustainable, organic farming to her community.

Decades later, this dream to create and preserve local food systems remains as Rosaly’s step-granddaughter, Alex Walker, and Alex’s half-sister, Clover Fiandaca, take the helm with fresh energy and a commitment to creating a space for growth, community, and, of course, good food


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Journal Entries

April. Preparing. Maintaining. Pruning.

April. Preparing. Maintaining. Pruning.

April is when the work begins in earnest. March has felt like a prelude, a gentle re-entry into the season before the cacophony of activity gets underway. Now, the crew is back on the farm, the crocus are blooming, the grow room is filled with seedlings, and the...

March. The month it all begins!

March. The month it all begins!

March. The month it all begins. We dust off our seeding trays, click on the grow room lights, and let the magic begin again. The farm will wake from its winter slumber—tractors will belch and burp their way to life, fields of brown will be transformed into a fresh...

Dustings of Snow

Dustings of Snow

Glimpses of Green... Here we are perched on the dawn of the shortest day of the year. Ready to begin again a steady journey to light and warmth and long summer days. What a distant memory those feel now, as we rest our bodies by a crackling fire and look out to...