The Farmstand

In 1990, one year after Rosaly’s Garden officially became “certified organic,” the farmstand was constructed as a means to sell produce on-site and the operation has grown since.

Rosaly’s Farmstand


Open for the season!

Visit our bountiful Farmstand to discover sustainably-grown produce and so much more.

We are overflowing with our spring produce, local breads, honey, maple syrup, baked goods, bread and lots more! You will find loads of other wonderful gardening items, books, gifts, linens, and more. We have a beautiful array of our own flower bouquets available for sale as well.

Here at Rosaly’s, we like to support many of our farming neighbors. So you will see we are carrying produce from other farms in the area. A big thanks to Nubi River Farm, Tenney Farm, Brookdale, Lavoie and many others. We couldn’t keep the farmstand stocked with wonderful vegetables without you!