About Us

Started in 1973 by Rosaly Bass, Rosaly’s Garden & Farmstand is the oldest active organic farm in the state of New Hampshire!

Our Story

Rosaly Bass grew up on a farm in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. Early in life she realized the importance of growing organically, as her mother was a strong proponent of the organics movement and philosophy. After teaching in New York City for five years, Bass met and married Perkins Bass, who happened to have a beautiful farm in New Hampshire. It was here she fell back in love with farming and growing and Rosaly’s Garden and Farmstand was born. After decades of trial and error and all the ups and downs and trials and tribulations that come with farming, especially with an ever-changing climate, Rosaly’s has earned a place in New Hampshire’s farming history.

In 2021, Bass, and co-owner Matt Gifford, sold the farm to Bass’ step-granddaughter, Alex Walker, and Walker’s half-sister, Clover Fiandaca. With a new injection of energy and inspiration, Walker and Fiandaca plan to keep Rosaly’s true to its roots, but explore new and exciting ways to grow and foster a sense of community around local food systems.



Who We Are

Alex: As Rosaly’s step-grandaughter, Alex Walker grew up with the magic of Rosaly’s Garden. In the early 70’s, as a young child, Alex could be found “working” alongside Rosaly in her first garden patch . . . picking lettuce and herbs, getting rescued from bee stings, and snacking on peas fresh from the vine. During high school, Alex worked summer jobs in the garden and returned after college to spend 8 years learning Rosaly’s growing techniques and the farm’s gardening systems. A longtime resident of Peterborough, Alex then spent over a decade in the healing arts world as a massage therapist and conscious dance facilitator, while tending to her own garden and honing her cooking skills.


Clover : Clover Fiandaca is the half sister of Alex Walker. She grew up in England and LA before recently seeking out a life surrounded by more family in Peterborough, where she lives directly opposite Rosaly’s Farmstand in the house Rosaly built. As a mother of two boys, two girls, two dogs, two rabbits and one parrot, Clover knows what it is to feed and nourish a hungry household. Clover is passionate about design, delicious food and gathering family and friends together. Clover is delighting in getting to know rural Peterborough life and continuing her extended family’s local Organic farm tradition at this beloved institution.

What we do

Rosaly’s Garden & Farmstand offers fresh, seasonal, organic produce to locals and visitors to the area. We aim to not only provide high-quality produce, but also foster a sense of community surrounding local food and growing.

Our Farmstand offers a variety of Rosaly’s own organic produce, as well as goods from other local farmers and makers.

We pride ourselves on growing organic! Find out more about our Garden and farming practices here.

Rosaly’s also offers a variety of u-pick options, including blueberries, raspberries, flowers, and herbs. Sounds like fun?