Rosaly’s Garden & Farmstand offers fresh, seasonal, organic produce to locals and visitors to the area. We aim to not only provide high-quality produce, but also foster a sense of community surrounding local food and growing.

Opening Day

Join us on May 13th at 10am for the start of our 2023 season! Bedding plants, hanging baskets, and a variety of local goods will be available for sale at the farmstand.


Pick your Own

Check back soon for our 2023 U-Pick Opening Dates!

There is little in life more fulfilling than going out to the garden and picking the fruits and flowers of your labor. At Rosaly’s, you get to enjoy all the fun and joy of the harvest with none of the worry about when to water or weed. Walk down to our blueberry patch and pick a pint or two or three–enough so that your fingertips are stained purple. Might as well pick some raspberries while you’re at it too.

Or maybe you want a bouquet. Grab some scissors and a bucket and wander through the sunflowers, snapdragons, zinnias…creating a work of art. You might need some chives or mint or basil and don’t have any in your garden. Never fear, our herb garden is also open for u-pick. Rosaly’s also offers flowers for weddings and events.