Dustings of Snow

Glimpses of Green…

Here we are perched on the dawn of the shortest day of the year. Ready to begin again a steady journey to light and warmth and long summer days. What a distant memory those feel now, as we rest our bodies by a crackling fire and look out to dustings of snow and frost-licked hillsides.

It is here, in these quiet moments on these dark days where we have the pleasure of taking time to reflect on the season—to look back at all we have accomplished, all we succeeded in, all we have yet to do. It is in these moments we have the time to look ahead, to envision the season to come and what it holds, to stoke the fires that fuel our work, to dream and prepare our best for a bountiful season to come, to remember why we work this land we love.

As we near the holidays, the new year, and a new growing season, we find ourselves pinning for the vibrancy of summer. It might seem hard to believe any life can be coaxed to exist during these months in New England, but perhaps this is when we most need it. The first plants for our 2024 season are already being nurtured and doted on underneath layers of row cover in one of our high tunnels. Yes, we may not harvest anything until springtime, but over winter they will feed our sun- and green-starved souls, reminding us light and warmth always return. The glimpses of green under the row cover will hold us over until spring when the foxglove, snapdragons, dianthus, matricaria, and so many more burst into bloom. It is truly magical to peek under the row cover in the depth of December and see row upon row of beautiful, healthy plants growing as the ground freezes and snow flies.

Change continues…sitework has also begun on our two new greenhouses being built during our off-season. We are so excited to have these larger growing spaces to work in. The larger footprint of these tunnels will make them easier to work in, improve ventilation, and, as an added bonus, they also have bug netting! We’ll be growing tomatoes, beets, basil, parsley, ginger, and some other fun surprises in them this year.

We are already thinking ahead to the bounty and gifts of plenty the farm will give to us this summer; the basil as-big-as-my-hand, the sweet summer tomatoes, delicate microgreens, squashes and zucchini, pumpkins, peaches (we SO hope!). While it may not quite be the season for those gifts of summer, you can still give the gift of Rosalys this holiday season with a flower bouquet subscription or gift card.  Look forward to fresh flowers, produce, plants and more! Stay tuned for our next newsletter announcing the opening of our bedding plant pre-orders in the new year. In the meantime, find us on Facebook and Instagram—we’ll be recording the progress of our overwintered flowers throughout these colder months!

Wishing all a happy and healthy holiday season and joyous new year. We look forward to seeing you all at the stand during warmer, sunnier days. Til then, stay cozy, rest, and rejuvenate.

With love and light in the New Year and always.

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